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Lanfranco Baldan
entrepreneur, creative, with a passion for art and design.

My "landing" in Porto Seguro.

In December 1979 I arrived in Porto Seguro to visit a dear childhood friend that had taken refuge in this fishing village in search of peace and serenity. I then found out that in the 70’s Porto Seguro was a destination for hippies, that found in Trancoso and Arrajal d’Ajuda, two villages in Porto Seguro, such a flourishing nature that they abandoned the rhythm of the seasons to live a never ending summer. It was during that first visit that I found the old "Populi", a colonial house immersed in the hundred-year-old park of the Historical Citade. I was fascinated by the panorama, the sounds and the colours of its tropical garden: here they practiced Candomblé to maintain and develop Axé, through rituals, chants and dances to be in harmony with the world. There were groups that performed Capoeira, a fusion of dance, singing and martial art, born during times of slavery as a way to represent freedom. At that time I would have never imagined to be able to find the time to spend long stays in that magic and enchanted place, but then I had the idea to make it my second home, where I could develop my passion for creativity and design. During the renovation works, I thought to use the park with typical existing buildings (UNESCO world heritage) as a charming Pousada. The work was done with the help of local artists and artisans with incredible creativity, that combined with the use of decorative elements produced by local Pataxó Indios, reinforced the magic power of this place. From the 90’s, Porto Seguro and its locations Arrajal D'Ajuda, Trancoso and Caraiva, have become the new refuge for  intellectuals and international celebrities, but also one of the most exclusive hippy-chic villages of Brazil, always maintaining the nonconformist and pure spirit of its beginning.
A warm welcome to Porto Seguro (Bahia) ... "Brazil’s Birthplace"

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